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more. boredom. more. sketches.

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Did this at work last night. Somehow boredom brings out some kind of weird creative energy in me.

Page O' Sketches

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fallen. angel. sketch.

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Angel Sketch

I did this sketch during my first class of the semester. I was “listening” to the introduction lecture which was just the same old speech every instructor gives during the first week. Needless to say I was bored. Not that the class wasn’t interesting. I think it’ll be pretty good as the semester rolls on, but for now I got time to do stuff like this.

oakland. west.

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I met Truck when I lived in West Oakland for a minute. He owns a barber shop there and saw me drawing one day. He asked me to do a couple of commissions for him so I thought, “Cool.” Here’s one.

Funny thing is this is the second one. I had to redo the pic because in the middle of designing this he went and cut off his dreads. So I had to go back and take them out of this pic and make him bald here.

Truck The Mad Barber

Turned out OK though, yeah?