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more. boredom. more. sketches.

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Did this at work last night. Somehow boredom brings out some kind of weird creative energy in me.

Page O' Sketches

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fallen. angel. sketch.

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Angel Sketch

I did this sketch during my first class of the semester. I was “listening” to the introduction lecture which was just the same old speech every instructor gives during the first week. Needless to say I was bored. Not that the class wasn’t interesting. I think it’ll be pretty good as the semester rolls on, but for now I got time to do stuff like this.

starving. artist. who. are. you?

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Mr. Lif Idea

So, I was on the BART train going back across the bay to the office to pick up my phone which I had left inadvertently because I was in a bit of a rush to leave the mind-numbing isolation of that day-job prison. Listening to my iPod, which I tend to do on the train and pretty much anywhere elese I can get away with it. Anyone who knows me knows that my headphones are like my umbilical cord; my lifeline. I just can’t let it go. Banging throught ‘phones at the moment was Mr. Lif. I love me some Mr. Lif. Intelligent, headstrong, and aggressive underground hip-hop from a skinny dude with thick dreads and thick glasses. And from Boston, no less. “Emergency Rations”, his EP which functioned as a stopgap between albums as well as his personal political rant, was on the playlist. I was wading through all the other tracks in order to get to the epic finish, “I, Phantom”, my favorite Lif song.

Anyways, I get my phone and am back on the train going home. As soon as I get on and settle in for the long ride I notice this dreaded up guy doodling in a sketchbook on the opposite side of me. I thought, “Cool. Another artist fiddling around in his creative zone like me.” I took out my sketchbook and started drawing up a storm. Then, I did a delayed doubletake and it hit me in the face what was going on. I recognized the guy. I was sitting on the same train as Mr. Lif. Mr. Lif was doodling in his sketchbook right next to me. And he was left-handed! I was in shock and didn’t look up from my sketchbook for the whole twenty minute ride across the Bay. I never felt this starstruck. I know he’s not a huge megastar like Kanye West or Alicia Keys, but he is one of my favorite artists. Seeing him would be like seeing one of my favorite comic book artists in person for the first time. Most people would walk right past and not even notice the talent standing right in front of them. But, I’d know.

I never got to say a word to him, but as soon as he got off the train I started drawing this character. It wasn’t supposed to be him, more of an idea of him since I had to work from memory, but it kind of turned out that way. I did most of it on the train and finished it up when I got home.

That’s my little story for the day.