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punisher. from. last. night.

Posted in DONE on April 27, 2009 by sketchycharacters

I started this picture last night while hanging out with Jana. The idea was from a postit sketch I did at work a while back that I really liked. Tried going big with it. Finished it this morning, scanned, filtered and colored slightly. I like it.



more. sketches.

Posted in DONE on April 26, 2009 by sketchycharacters

Back one more time to put up some more sketches from various events and time spent at 33 Revolutions, my local coffeeshop. It’s springtime now and I’m really loving the weather. It’s also the Bay Area so we get quick shocks of cold every once in awhile, but for the most part the sun is shining and people are out and about and it really feels like life is coming back to area.

It's Spring Again

I did the above and the below drawings while at my day job. Not sure what gave me the energy, sitting under the hot flourescent lamps of that cave of an office, to keep going on, but I did and I’m pretty happy with the results considering the resources I was using.

just a concept

This is Mako, the leader of the Tigersharks, an 80’s superhero cartoon I used to love. This was painted quickly for the Drawing Board forums jam.

Tigersharks Mako

Will be back with a few more including a sketch from 33 Revs of the store and my sketches from the SF Sketch Crawl.

robot. is. as. robot. does.

Posted in DONE on January 26, 2009 by sketchycharacters

I was having lunch with my mom and grandmother the other day. Sitting there eating my lasagna and struggling to breach the language barrier to have a decent conversation with my grandmother I started thinking about her and her habits. Habits and traditions that go back before she was born. Habits born in old Japan. Solid traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation which she carried with her, first to Hawaii, where she raised my mom and uncles, then, to the mainland, where she’s been trying ever so futilely to instill them in me.

One of the more recent habits she’s formed, a habit that spans my whole family actually, is one of gift-giving. Not of giving gifts just to be nice to someone, but because it’s an obligation you must keep, no matter what. In Hawaii, food is almost always the gift given. And if you refuse, then you go to hell! Well, no. You don’t. But, you might want to after taking the massive amount of guilt the gift-bearer will ultimately lob in your direction. We cannot live with ourselves if someone refuses a gift from us and if one refuses food, especially hand-prepared food, food made with our loving hands, then, we might as well not exist anymore.

This little strip was done with all that in my mind. It was meant as an experiment on technique more than anything. I just wanted to see what it would take to do a strip once, then on a regular basis.

Random Acts

Random Acts


Posted in DONE with tags , , , , , , , , on January 25, 2009 by sketchycharacters

Logging in one more time to wake up my dormant site. Been really busy with all the aspects of my life right now. Some things have dropped out from under me and I’m finding myself trying to pick up the pieces and move forward from this point. But, when something falls away, I believe you start to see other things more clearly and that is what I am doing right now. Rubbing my eyes and seeing other opportunities I hope I can grab onto before they vaporize into thin air.

In light of all this, I started drawing for myself again. doing a lot of warmups and drawing more on instinct than for perfect proportion, perspective, etc. All the things you’re supposed to learn in school, but, for some reason, have ultimately crippled me. Not that all of that isn’t important, but I found myself focusing way too much on those details and my drawings ended up looking stiff and lifeless. This is me going back to what I know. What looks good and dynamic to me.

Trinity Batman

Trinity Batman


Trinity Superman

Trinity Wonder Woman

Trinity Wonder Woman

Posted in DONE with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 30, 2008 by sketchycharacters

I have been working secretly in my hidden laboratory on a project for an online friend, Jeremiah Allen. He has been patiently waiting for me to reveal some info on what I’ve been cooking up so instead of just telling him, I thought I’d tell the world. Or at least the tiny, tiny part of the world that actually has time to read my little blog here in cyberspace.

So, the project is an online, downloadable comic called Squared Circle. The general premise is that it’s a WWE-style wrestling show in comic book form. We got crazy steroidal dudes (and one healthy girl) in crazy getups battling each other in the ring. We got the not-so-witty banter between the overexcited commentators. We got the over-the-top scripted behind-the-scenes filler. We got it all.

I am putting up a couple of the characters that will be appearing in the comic.

Johnny Hemo

Johnny Hemo is a crowd-favorite. He has cancer and is always over-playing his illness and other injuries and ailments he might or might not have. I have him with the patch monitors on his body and a hospital wristband for good effect. He’s also trying to look emaciated with the dark eyeshadow and sunken eyes.

Murray Boothwater

Murray Boothwater, AKA The Hypnotist, is kind of strange. He was described as having a starry cape, a handlebar moustache, and wearing a top hat. I didn’t know what to make of it. But, I think I captured some of the kooky nature of this one.

This is a sketchblog so these are just that. I may change them before the final product is done but mainly they will change very little.

oakland. west.

Posted in DONE with tags , , , , , , , on January 10, 2008 by sketchycharacters

I met Truck when I lived in West Oakland for a minute. He owns a barber shop there and saw me drawing one day. He asked me to do a couple of commissions for him so I thought, “Cool.” Here’s one.

Funny thing is this is the second one. I had to redo the pic because in the middle of designing this he went and cut off his dreads. So I had to go back and take them out of this pic and make him bald here.

Truck The Mad Barber

Turned out OK though, yeah?