robot. is. as. robot. does.

I was having lunch with my mom and grandmother the other day. Sitting there eating my lasagna and struggling to breach the language barrier to have a decent conversation with my grandmother I started thinking about her and her habits. Habits and traditions that go back before she was born. Habits born in old Japan. Solid traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation which she carried with her, first to Hawaii, where she raised my mom and uncles, then, to the mainland, where she’s been trying ever so futilely to instill them in me.

One of the more recent habits she’s formed, a habit that spans my whole family actually, is one of gift-giving. Not of giving gifts just to be nice to someone, but because it’s an obligation you must keep, no matter what. In Hawaii, food is almost always the gift given. And if you refuse, then you go to hell! Well, no. You don’t. But, you might want to after taking the massive amount of guilt the gift-bearer will ultimately lob in your direction. We cannot live with ourselves if someone refuses a gift from us and if one refuses food, especially hand-prepared food, food made with our loving hands, then, we might as well not exist anymore.

This little strip was done with all that in my mind. It was meant as an experiment on technique more than anything. I just wanted to see what it would take to do a strip once, then on a regular basis.

Random Acts

Random Acts


One Response to “robot. is. as. robot. does.”

  1. O! M! G! I looooooooooove IT!!!!

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