Logging in one more time to wake up my dormant site. Been really busy with all the aspects of my life right now. Some things have dropped out from under me and I’m finding myself trying to pick up the pieces and move forward from this point. But, when something falls away, I believe you start to see other things more clearly and that is what I am doing right now. Rubbing my eyes and seeing other opportunities I hope I can grab onto before they vaporize into thin air.

In light of all this, I started drawing for myself again. doing a lot of warmups and drawing more on instinct than for perfect proportion, perspective, etc. All the things you’re supposed to learn in school, but, for some reason, have ultimately crippled me. Not that all of that isn’t important, but I found myself focusing way too much on those details and my drawings ended up looking stiff and lifeless. This is me going back to what I know. What looks good and dynamic to me.

Trinity Batman

Trinity Batman


Trinity Superman

Trinity Wonder Woman

Trinity Wonder Woman


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