youngest. blood.

So, on this site there’s a post in the Superheroes forum. This guy drew up a bunch of Image Comics characters as baby versions of themselves. Problem was that he was only using the most recent characters except for the incomparable Savage Dragon. His post inspired me to so a set of Image babes myself. Only this time I would go back to the beginning and use the original set that got me hooked on comics for life. Here’s a few of them uncolored.

Baby Badrock
Badrock is pretty self-explanatory.

Baby Chapel
Chapel I pictured as still being the cold-blooded psycho he is in the comic book, but here in embryo. Instead of the skull face make-up I put a halloween mask on him.

Baby Diehard
Diehard has become the paranoid android complete with USB 1.1 plug to recharge. He does not like this one bit.

Baby Vogue
Vogue is reprimanded for playing with sharp objects. Bad girl!

Baby Wildstar
Wildstar! One of the second-tier characters at Image. I just got this idea and ran with it. In the books he’s always shown with this intense shouting look on his face. Oh, the 90’s….


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